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Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement applies to Qlu Oy's Kuulokuvat website and was prepared on 10/03/2021. The address of the website is

Legal regulations concerning the website

This website was published after 23 September 2018. The service is subject to the act on the provision of digital services, which requires public online services to be accessible.


Concerning the accessibility of digital services, the goal of Qlu Oy is to achieve at least an AA level or a higher level in accordance with the WCAG v2.1 guidelines, when it is reasonably possible.

Accessibility assessment

The accessibility assessment has been carried out using programmatic, manual, and external expert accessibility assessments. The programmatic assessment was done on the evaluation site An NVDA screen reader was used for the manual assessment. The external expert audit of the website was performed by Avaava Oy on 10 August 2020.

The defects reported in the assessments and audits have been checked and, where necessary, corrected, except for the deficiencies found.

Compliance status

This website meets the critical accessibility requirements set by the act in accordance with WCAG v2.1 level AA with the following identified deficiencies.

The deficiencies identified

  1. The heat maps showing the quality maps are presented only graphically in the venue information on the website so the screen reader user does not receive detailed information about the image content. The existence of a quality map and the level of inspection of the venue are, however, stated on the website in the text just before the image is displayed.
  2. The map view provided by Google on the homepage shows the locations of the hearing environments on the map, but is not accessible and contains too many items to be read with a screen reader. There are, however, other ways to search for the hearing environments and to obtain address information. The search box next to the map and the list of venues displayed as a result of the search can be used. With the screen reader, it is possible to skip the map by scrolling through the titles.

Correcting the deficiencies

  1. The quality map images are not made accessible due to the unreasonable work that would be required to explain the images in text format. The existence of the map images and the level of inspection of the venue are, however, explained in the text.
  2. The map view on the homepage is not made available. A screen reader can skip the map by scrolling through the page titles and search for hearing environments using the search box. 

Access to information in an accessible format

Content that cannot be accessed due to these shortcomings may be requested from the operator of this website. Qlu Oy,

Updating the accessibility statement

The accessibility of the website is ensured every time there are changes in technology or content, as well as by periodic reviews. This statement will be updated in connection with website changes and accessibility checks.

Feedback and contact information

Qlu Oy ( is responsible for the accessibility of the website.

Legal protection of accessibility, Implementation procedures

If a person feels that his or her notification or inquiry has not been answered or the response is unsatisfactory, the matter may be reported to the Regional State Administrative Agency. The Regional State Administrative Agency's website explains in detail how the matter will be handled.

Accessibility Supervision Unit at the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland,, Switchboard: 0295 016 000

Approval of the accessibility assessment

This assessment was approved on 11/03/2021 by Qlu Oy